STOIKA – SD PRO Antimicrobial Coating

Project Description

The Gardens Mall is continuing its efforts to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for our shoppers’ safety and comfort. In addition to hand sanitising stations located at the entrances of the mall and our regular sanitising routine, we have engaged services to coat our mall common area surfaces with Stoika – SD Pro antimicrobial spray. Different from conventional disinfectants that require constant reapplication, the Stoika – SD Pro coating prevents recontamination by self-cleaning treated surfaces immediately for up to 12 months. As such, it helps to reduce the risk of infection by protecting surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Used in hospitals, labs, airports, and classrooms, SD Pro is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It is non-toxic and safe for skin and incidental food contact. All toilets & baby rooms, handrails, glass panels at the mall voids, escalators, entrance door handles, baby strollers, wheelchairs and the Concierge Desk will be coated to ensure our patrons are in a safe environment when visiting The Gardens Mall. The health and safety of our shoppers and tenants are of utmost priority.

Project Details

6th February 2020


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