KyoChon’s New ‘Future Chicken’ Menu

Project Description

The future is here! KyoChon’s latest ‘Future Chicken’ Tenders and ‘Future Chicken’ Burger Combo are 100% plant-based from PHUTURE®️, and the burgers are layered with sliced pickled radish for a delicious tangy flavour. 🤤 Already drooling at the thought of it! Increase your fibre intake (13g fibre per serving) without compromising on the taste of chikins!
Try the ‘Future Chicken’ Tenders from RM17 and ‘Future Chicken’ Burger Combo for RM 28, served with wedges and a drink.

Disclaimer: Our meat-free menu items are strictly not vegetarian or vegan because it contains cheese, honey and egg. We also use the same oil to cook our chickens.


Find the restaurant at LG-217, Lower Ground Floor.

Project Details

20th October 2021


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